Why Fallout 3 is Superior to Skyrim – part one

From BrianaDragon.com – Originally Published 2013/03/01

Skyrim is without a doubt one of the greatest RPGs ever made so why would I make such a ludicrous claim?

I have played a ton of RPGs over the years and they all have problems or “features” that I don’t agree with or like. Skyrim has a flaw that makes me want to pull out my hair. I can’t stand when playing an RPG almost requires a walkthrough.

Skyrim is designed to encourage exploration , yet the game is built to punish exploration. In Skyrim there are many, many dungeons and ruins that have a quest attached to them. If you go to these locations and clear them out you have just broken your game irrevocably. You didn’t know that there would be a quest for it given to you by some obscure person living in a shack in the middle of nowhere so you went there and cleared it. So later you find the aforementioned shack and lo and behold, you now have a quest in your journal that you can NEVER complete. Fun eh?

Fallout-3 on the other hand, is very different. I can wander into or out of any place I want and not worry. If I discover that there is a quest for a place I’ve already been to and cleared out, the quest giver thanks me  for doing it and I get any associated reward and/or XP .

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